TEAM is a university-wide initiative designed to ensure that our administration supports our core academic mission to the greatest degree possible. TEAM builds on Tufts’ tradition of managing resources carefully to maintain our financial strength and complements:

  • feedback received through our Excellence at Work survey, in which many employees told us that we should reduce red tape and streamline administrative processes, and
  • Tufts: The Next 10 Years (T10), the academic strategic planning effort being led by Provost David Harris

Update to the February TEAM Progress Report


Update to the February TEAM Progress Report

We invite you to read the Update to the February 2014 Progress Report.

Over the past few months, the TEAM Initiative has continued to make progress on its path to improving administrative effectiveness at Tufts. Our working teams have focused on translating last year’s assessment and strategic work into more detailed plans, validating previously proposed process and system improvements, and implementing new systems and more effective work approaches.

The intent of this update is to share progress on work to date and to answer some of the questions asked in the many discussions with the Tufts community since the publication of the February 2014 TEAM Progress Report to Facilitate Further Discussion and Deliberation within the Tufts Community.

Input from across the Tufts community continues to guide our work. We are sincerely grateful for the time, candor, and care many of you shared with us in discussing and deliberating the many aspects of TEAM.

We welcome your continued input. Please consider sending your ideas, questions and concerns to us via an online FEEDBACK FORM


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