TEAM is a university-wide initiative designed to ensure that our administration supports our core academic mission to the greatest degree possible. TEAM builds on Tufts’ tradition of managing resources carefully to maintain our financial strength and complements:

  • feedback received through our Excellence at Work survey, in which many employees told us that we should reduce red tape and streamline administrative processes, and
  • Tufts: The Next 10 Years (T10), the academic strategic planning effort being led by Provost David Harris

TEAM Progress Report Invites Further
Discussion and Deliberation

The intent of TEAM’s Progress Report is to share with members of the Tufts community what has occurred within the TEAM initiative to date, and to offer faculty and staff opportunities for additional discussion and deliberation. We want to ensure that you are involved in helping us prepare Tufts for a future of continued excellence in higher education.

Download TEAM’s Progress Report to Facilitate Further Discussion and Deliberation within the Tufts Community from a password-protected Trunk site.

As you read the Progress Report from TEAM, please consider sending your ideas, questions and concerns to TEAM via a FEEDBACK FORM. Frequently asked questions will be posted on the TEAM website.

TEAM Office Hours for Faculty and Staff

Friday, March 7, from 9:00-10:00, with President Monaco and EVP Campbell, in the TAB Building, Room 200C, Medford Campus

Friday, March 14, from 11:00-12:00, with EVP Campbell, in Tisch Library, Room 204, Medford Campus

Friday, April 4, from 1:00-2:00, with EVP Campbell, in EVP Campbell’s Office, 4th Floor, Ballou Hall, Medford Campus  CANCELLED

Wednesday, April 9, from 1:30-2:30, with EVP Campbell, at 80 George Street, Room 301, Medford Campus

Wednesday, April 30, from 1:30-2:30, with EVP Campbell, at Dental School, Room 1529A, Boston Campus

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