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It Starts With an Idea…

Engaging with the Office of Strategy & Program Development begins with a new idea with the potential to support the University’s mission and financial goals.

If you already have an idea and would like Strategy & Program Development support, you can begin by submitting it via this form. Which will then follow the process outlined in the next section.

If you wish you had an idea or are not sure if your idea is on-track, you can visit us for office hours (beginning January 2016). We have a host of thought processes and creative questions that will help you unearth the next big idea for your school, or we can simply help you progress your thinking on a kernel of an idea. Once the idea is thought through, you too can submit it for consideration via this form.

If you want to develop new ideas yourself, we are working to develop a series of templates and ‘how to’ instructions for business strategy and analysis. Check out our Tufts Box for the latest templates available.

Priorities, Priorities…

Given the comprehensive support the Office of Strategy & Program Development provides, the Office can only take on a few projects at a time (see a list of our current projects!). As the Office completes its current projects, new capacity will become available for the Office to take on new and exciting opportunities.

On a monthly basis, the Office will review the submissions it received and respond to you with next steps. This may include a request for more information, a connection to another University organization (e.g., Tech Transfer), or an indication that it has been selected for review by the Prioritization Committee.

The Prioritization Committee (including the Provost, Executive Vice President, relevant Deans and other Administrators) will convene periodically to prioritize new projects for the Office as capacity is available. Prioritization criteria will continue to evolve, but are likely to include:

  • Complement to University mission and strategic plan
  • Magnitude of financial impact
  • Unique / differentiating offering to Tufts brand
  • Level of effort and complexity to develop
  • Risk

If your school finds itself with the bandwidth to work against the idea in the meantime, you would be encouraged to do so. The Office will pick-up with you when it can.

If the proposed idea does not meet the qualifications for Strategy & Program Development support, you will be notified as soon as the Committee has made its decision.

You’re It!

When your idea becomes a priority for development, a member of the Office of Strategy & Program Development will contact you to explain the process further. Immediate steps will likely include:

  • Identification of the internal project owner
  • Identification of internal administrative support
  •  Kick-off meeting set-up

Over the course of the project, the OSPD will work collaboratively with the internal team to determine the needs of the project, to facilitate development of the initiative, and to support on business analysis. Find out more about what the Office of Strategy & Program Development can offer to your idea.

Once the scope of the project has been completed, the Office will transition off of the project and the internal owner will take full project ownership as the School shifts towards project implementation. The Office will continue to provide support by way of periodic check-ins to ensure the project is on-track and that there are no major roadblocks.