Administrative Excellence

Our Vision for Administrative Excellence

As we work to support the academic mission of Tufts University, we strive to achieve a level of excellence in our administrative capabilities that is commensurate with the excellence of our students and faculty, and our academic, research, and clinical programs.

Our Values

Tufts University administration seeks to embody the following values in all that we do. We provide a great place to work in which we are:

  • Obsessed with Tufts' mission
  • Oriented strategically and sustainably
  • Dedicated to outstanding customer experiences
  • Focused on digital transformation
  • Committed to hyper-open communication

Across all that we do, we innovate rather than replicate to preserve that which is unique to Tufts while realizing our potential for transformation.

Our Goals

In the near-term, we hold the following goals as we work towards our vision:

  • Integrate fully with academic leadership; academic priorities are driving administrative work and administrative perspectives are informing academic priorities seamlessly, in all cases.
  • Provide the best place to work in higher education; our culture, our people, our operational infrastructure, and our ways of working are of the quality and scale required to lead in higher education as an integrated, effective, and tech-enabled university.
  • Create the conditions for financial thriving; meet our margin targets with room for ongoing, strategic reinvestment both centrally and in each school.