Administrative Council

Administrative Council is chaired by the Executive Vice President and consists of senior administrative leaders responsible for aligning and reinforcing a culture of administrative leadership and excellence at Tufts.  While considering implications in the higher education environment as well as the university’s operating environment and strategic aspirations, the Administrative Council collaborates to drive innovation and excellence in the university’s administrative capabilities and to enable success in Tufts' mission.

Sustainability Council

The Tufts Sustainability Council is chaired by the Executive Vice President and works to select effective, impactful goals and strategies leading to a sustainable university that serves current and future students and employees equally while supporting the health and wellbeing of all humanity and our home plant.  For more information on the Sustainability Council, visit Tufts Office of Sustainability.

University Risk and Compliance Committee

The University Risk Management Committee (URMC) is chaired by the Executive Vice President and responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and coordination of university-wide efforts aimed at identifying, assessing, managing and mitigating risks that may adversely impact the assets, operations, academic and research reputations, and legal interests of the university or jeopardize life and safety of individuals (read the Committee Charter).  In fulfilling its oversight responsibility, the URMC encourages and supports Tufts University senior administrators, who have primary or shared responsibility in managing risks within their assigned areas, with establishing and monitoring risk mitigation strategies and ensuring organizational support.  Further, the URMC advises the President and Senior Team and the Trustee Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee concerning strategic risks to the institution, as well as potentially high impact operating risks and on-going mitigation strategies to address them.

Retirement Investment Advisory Committee (RIAC)

Working with a professional investment consultant, the Retirement Investment Advisory Committee makes recommendations on the Tufts University-Funded Retirement Plan – 401(a) and Self-Funded Retirement Plan – 403(b). Established in 2008, the committee is chaired by the Executive Vice President and members include faculty and staff. Most recently, the committee's work resulted in obtaining lower fund management fees. For more information on Investment Fund Options for all retirement plans, visit the Human Resources website.