Annual Tufts University Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Process

Michael W. Howard, Executive Vice President and Caroline Attardo Genco, Provost and Senior Vice President ad interim

Dear Tufts Employee,

Based on your employment responsibilities, you have been identified as a member of the Tufts University faculty, affiliated faculty, staff, or administration who is REQUIRED to submit and maintain an up-to-date conflict of interest (COI) disclosure form. Although you may have completed a COI form requested by another office within Tufts University and/or its affiliates, you must also complete this COI disclosure form.

The University has implemented a new internal platform for the collection and review of COI disclosures. Unlike the prior system, the new platform will be accessible to Tufts personnel at all times using their Tufts username and password and will carry forward the submitted data year to year, reducing the burden on the discloser. Annual updates to the disclosure will continue to be required when prompted; however, after this initial disclosure, individuals with no updates to their disclosure will only need to review and certify the accuracy of the prior submissions rather than re-enter all requested information each year.

As a reminder, in addition to the annual disclosure process, Tufts employees are required to disclose new significant outside financial interests within 30 days of entering into a relevant outside financial relationship or acquisition of gifts or monies which could be perceived as a COI within the individual's role at Tufts. The single sign-on functionality of the new COI platform enables Tufts employees to access and update their existing data at any time.

You may access the new COI portal, or read additional guidance on the use of the new system.

When completing your COI disclosure form, please include all of your relevant financial relationships and non-Tufts income. Any questions or clarifications regarding types of support or relationships requiring disclosure may be directed to

Please complete and submit your COI Disclosure Form by end of day Friday, August 11, 2023.

Learn more about the policy. If you have any questions regarding the university’s conflict of interest process, please contact

Thank you for your timely response to this important annual requirement.

Michael W. Howard, Executive Vice President
Caroline Attardo Genco, Provost and Senior Vice President ad interim